5 Things to take you back to the 80’s

If you’re like us, even months after its original release, Bumblebee has left you craving for some more 80’s nostalgia. The movie follows the adorable Volkswagen beetle and eighteen-year-old Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld) as they embark in an adventure filled with action, wit and personality. Bumblebee’s soundtrack, costumes and set design will instantly transport you to the infamous decade, even if only for a few hours. Good news is that you can experience that feeling again and again. Check out the list below to find out how you can relive the 80’s in the modern-day world!

Turn up the Volume

Is there a decade with more iconic music? We don’t think so. Bumblebee’s soundtrack is full of titles by The Smiths, A-Ha, and Rick Astley. Head to your favorite streaming service and choose a playlist that encompasses the era.

Hit the Thrift Store

If you’ve never been to a thrift store, you’ll be surprised by the gems you can find if you look close enough. We’re talking vintage tees, leather goods, collectibles and even old tech that’ve been left behind from the 80’s. Why not find them a new home and indulge in the nostalgia?

Hunt for Vintage Prints

Just think of all the vintage posters, magazines, comics, and even vinyl covers that are waiting for you to find them! Of all artforms, visual design can condense an entire decade into an everlasting piece that will transport you through time. You can find you own unique piece by going to used bookstores, garage sales or even by browsing online.

Play Dress Up

80’s never really went out of style. It’s still influencing contemporary designers and trends, so there’s no reason you can bring some nostalgia to your wardrobe! You can take some cues from idols like Madonna, Grace Jones, or Prince. You can even emulate Charlie’s badass vibes with a vintage rock tee.


Watch Bumblebee on Digital, 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray

Why not simply re-watch Bumblebee? Coming to Digital on March 19 and in 4k Ultra HD & Blu-Ray on April 2, this DVD is packed with over an hour of exciting special features including an all-new BUMBLEBEE motion comic following the beloved Autobot on his next adventure. Additionally, you’ll have a change to check out deleted and extended scenes you didn’t see in theaters, including the original opening of the movie, enjoy hilarious outtakes, and see G1 (Generation 1) Transformers robots on Cybertron through the eyes of BUMBLEBEE with exciting Bee Vision.

And thanks to our friends of BUMBLEBEE, Paramount Films and HM Communications, we have 4 DVD’s to give away. To participate, leave a message telling me about your best memory from the 80’s  or if you are younger than that heheheh tell me what do you love more about the 80’s?

I will announce the winners on Wednesday April the 3rd with a Facebook Live, make sure you are following me already! @RollosDeMujeres


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  • Ray

    I would take back to the 80 the first thing my old car they look totally different back in the day the 2 think my clothes different styles back in the day the 3 thing my vhr movies very old to see movie the 4 thing the TV they look kind of weird back then and for the 5 thing toys never forget does

  • Edith Noriega

    I was not born at that time, but what I love most is that that time is coming back and I can dress like those times, and the second I like the old decoration, I imagine that those times were very beautiful ..

  • Maribel Quiroz

    I really loved the 80’s, I remember putting lots and lots of hairspray and used to wear this big jackets and the jewelry omg it was so fun the style back then but wat I loved the most was definitely the music I hope I can win one if those movies my son loves transformers and his favorite character is bumblebee he loved the movie!

  • Brenda

    I remember having the one shoulder florescent colored shirts with the matching leg warmers and the matching headband. My bangs high up like a fan with lots of hair spray going to the skating ring with my cousins to meet some boys. Listening to Michael jackson, Cyndi Lauper, madonna on my portable cassette player.

  • Isabel Tobon

    My favorite of the 80’s is the MUSIC one of the best decades of all time in my opinion. I Good luck everyone!!!

  • Margarita

    Lo mejor de los 80’s fue todo música vestimenta, cabello ( copete o fleco súper grande con mucho hair spray lol ) los tenis que por cierto los Nike Air Force siguen en venta. En fin una época del cien (perdón mi expresión) que hasta las películas de aquellos años siguen siendo buenas películas !
    Suerte para mi ! Gracias Ana y siempre te seguí tanto en el face e instagram durante tu viaje de luna de miel. Dios te bendice siempre

  • Dany Gonzalez

    I’m not from the 80’s
    But I remember having a walk man that my dad gave me I felt so cool owning one and I still owe one until this day I have my son listen to books in it while he reads along he loves it lol
    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Jose Gurrusquieta

    Yo nací en en 1985 en el año del terremoto en Mexico tenía 2 meses de nacido pero gracias a dios aquí estamos con vida y trabajando para salir adelante

  • April Fogarty Gomez

    Love the 80s because one it is my year I was born and second I love all the songs that play in that year love to jam out to music

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