[ RAMBO: LAST BLOOD ] El icono de la cultura pop y el cine regresa con su quinta ultima película de la saga

Wow, pero ¿quién de los que están leyendo este artículo no ha visto las películas re Rambo? Creo que la mayoría crecimos viendo esta saga … Han pasado ya 37 años desde su primera película y este miércoles 18 de septiembre se celebró a lo grande por todos los rincones del mundo.

  • La ciudad de Los Angeles, declaró el 18 de Septiembre como el Día de Rambo.
  • La ciudad de Bowie, Arizona, el pueblo natal de John Rambo, también proclamó el 18 de Septiembre como el Día de Rambo. Bowie Arizona ganó fama mundial cuando en la primer película de Rambo se reveló que esta era el pueblo el hogar de Rambo.
  • Alamo Draft House tendrá un maratón de películas de RAMBO durante este fin de semana. Para más información y comprar tus boletos, visita este enlace

Y gracias a nuestros amigos de Allied Dallas, nosotros también celebramos ayer el #RamboDay montando a caballo en River Ranch en Dallas. Aquí te compartimos nuestro video y algunas fotos.


Rambo is getting the ultimate medal of service. For 37 years he has been an icon of pop culture and cinema and on Wednesday, September 18th, John Rambo will be celebrated through a series of promotions, ceremonies and special events that recognize Rambo Day.

Since its debut nearly four decades ago, the Rambo series starring Sylvester Stallone has become one of the most iconic action-movie franchises of all time. An ex-Green Beret haunted by memories of Vietnam, the legendary fighting machine known as Rambo has freed POWs, rescued his commanding officer from the Soviets, and liberated missionaries in Myanmar. The Rambo character has endured as one of the greatest reluctant heroes of cinema giving a face to countless veterans affected by PTSD. On September 20th, Lionsgate and Millennium Films will release RAMBO: LAST BLOOD,  marking the last chapter of the legendary series, as John Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills for one final mission – for his family.

Among the notable highlights of Rambo Day:

•      The City of Los Angeles will proclaim September 18th Rambo Day in LA

•      “The World’s Greatest Rambo Fan” Challenge will award prizes and declare “The World’s Greatest Rambo Fan” based on short videos of fans doing their best Rambo impressions. Fans from around the world are encouraged to enter to win using the #RamboDay

•      The City of Bowie, Arizona, hometown of John Rambo, is proclaiming September 18 Rambo Day. Bowie, Arizona gained worldwide attention when it was revealed in Rambo: First Blood Part II that Bowie was Rambo’s home. “As we work to increase Bowie’s economic footprint, this national exposure as John Rambo’s hometown is priceless to us,” says Nancy-Jean Welker of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce.  “We are deeply grateful for and proud of this distinction!” 

•      Alamo Drafthouse theatres will celebrate Rambo Day with a RAMBO Movie Marathon, which is taking place at Alamo Drafthouse locations during opening weekend. For more information on the movie marathons in your area, visit For any fan who purchases a ticket to the Rambo Marathon on September 18, $1 will be donated to organizations to support Veterans and active duty members of the military. 

•      Rambo Day will wind down with a New York Fan Extravaganza.  Sylvester Stallone, the rest of the cast and filmmakers will join fans at the AMC in Lincoln Square as they screen RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. Local promotional ticket giveaways will be distributed on Q104.3 and flyaway contests will be held in Chicago and Baltimore for Rambo’s biggest fans to join Sylvester Stallone at the fan event in NYC. 




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